How technology can inform the coach's decision-making process


Daniel Cohen

Drawing on evidence from literature, and the internal analysis of weightlifting performance and diagnostic data, this presentation will discuss the role force platform technology plays in the diagnosis of neuro-muscular force-generating characteristics of elite Olympic weightlifters, and how this has shaped the British Weight Lifting World Class Programme’s understanding of the physical determinants of weightlifting performance. Shaun will go on to discuss the unique and novel application of dual-force platform technology in the analysis of Olympic weightlifting movements and their derivatives, and how bilateral asymmetry assessment is being used to identify injury risk. The central point of this presentation will be to provide practical examples and case studies to demonstrate how this information is utilised within an inter-disciplinary team to inform and direct long-term training objectives as well as day-to-day decision-making. BIOG: Dr Daniel Cohen is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Santander in Bucaramanga, Colombia. He also works in a research and consultancy capacity at the high performance centre of Coldeportes (the Colombian Institute of Sport) and is head of sports science for NMP ForceDecks. Daniel has been involved in research and consultancy around force platform testing in professional football for over 15 years and works with several Premier League football clubs to use this technology in performance and injury risk screening, and in monitoring rehab progress and neuromuscular fatigue. Daniel is author of a number of articles on strength and power testing using force platforms, isokinetic dynamometry in athletes, and handgrip and jump testing in youth, in relation to cardio-metabolic health.