Strength and conditioning for sprint hurdles


Paul Read

The male sprint hurdles is a highly dynamic Olympic event with distinct technical requirements due to the need to execute a succession of jumps interspersed with sprints. Competition event distances are set at 110m (outdoor) and 60m (indoor). Hurdle height is set at 1.067m (for males) with the distance to the first hurdle 13.72m from the start. For the 110m hurdles event, a further nine hurdles are placed at 9.14m intervals and the current world record, (at the time of writing), is 12.87s, set by Dayron Robles of Cuba. The aim of this article is to provide a needs analysis of the event relating to the biomechanical and physiological aspects, injury considerations, suitability of fitness tests and training approaches to assist strength and conditioning (S&C) professionals in optimising performance with their athletes.

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