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A framework for professional judgement and decision-making in S&C coaching


Kevin Till with Bob Muir, Andy Abraham and Mike Ashford,

There has been recent criticism of strength and conditioning (S&C) education in terms of preparing individuals for the interdisciplinary nature of the S&C coaching role. Although recommendations have been provided, there has been limited work on conceptualising and creating a framework for designing, delivering and developing theoretical, applied and experiential knowledge domains for the S&C coach. This paper aims to present a conceptual framework for professional judgement and decision-making within S&C coaching. The framework involves the following six interrelated knowledge domains, based upon coaches’ understanding of: 1) the ‘who’ (ie, the participant); 2) the ‘what’ (ie, the principles of S&C and the demands of the sport/discipline within which their participant competes); 3) the ‘how’ (ie, principles of learning and skill acquisition); 4) the ‘context’ (ie, the context, culture and politics within which they operate); 5) their ‘self’ (ie, their own existing knowledge, beliefs, values and behaviours); and 6) the ‘coaching process’ (ie, their planning, delivering and reflecting practices). This framework could be used for aligning S&C coach education with the requirements of the S&C coach role, along with being a useful framework for continued professional development within the industry.