Optimising training for your rotational athletes


Mark Kovacs

Training rotational athletes requires a focused training plan and progression. Technique, volume and appropriate progressions/regression drills/exercises are paramount for success. This presentation will focus on taking the science to the gym and pitch, linking the three anatomical areas of rotational power: the lower, the trunk, and the upper. Kinetic chain and kinematic sequence training makes the difference between high quality power outputs and less impressive results. It is the implementation of the latest science into real-world application, with simple drills and progressions that can be implemented in nearly all training environments for an increase in rotational power, strength and speed. BIOG: Dr Kovacs is a strength and conditioning professional, a sport scientist and an expert in the overhead and rotational athlete. He is the founder and CEO of the Kovacs Institute, which is a human performance research, testing and product development company. He started his career as a full-time S&C professional and formerly directed the sport science, strength and conditioning and coaching education for the United States Tennis Association. Dr Kovacs was also the director of the Gatorade Sport Science Institute, the first sport science consultant for the NCAA Sport Science Institute and has consulted with more than 30 top athletic departments, professional sports teams, national sports governing bodies and leagues. He is the co-founder of the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA) and is an associate professor of sport health science at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.

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