S&C for the para-athlete

Emily Nolan

Para sport has grown significantly in professionalism and profile around the world, helped by the London Paralympics highlighting the superhuman feats of these incredible athletes. With increased coverage and an increase in global competition opportunities, National sports federations are investing more and more into Para athlete programmes. Due to the complexity of disability, very little research exists to guide professionals in this space leaving a significant information gap. This presentation will draw from Emily’s experience of coaching para athletes for the past 15 years, including multiple global medallists. It will unlock the coaching, programming and technical considerations for the S&C coaching of para athletes via a range of case studies, practical examples and guiding principles. BIOG: Emily Nolan is a Life Member of the ASCA and a Level 3 Master Strength & Conditioning Coach based in Auckland, New Zealand. Over the last 15 years, she has supported 12 Olympic and Paralympic sports through the last 4 cycles in both the Australian and New Zealand high performance sport systems. She has extensive experience across a plethora of team and individual sports, able and para sports, including orienteering, waterpolo, taekwondo, rowing, athletics and swimming. Emily is a strong advocate for female and young coaches in the S&C industry, establishing the Women’s Advisory Group in association with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as founding learning based S&C internships in both Australia and NZ to guide the next generation of S&C coaches on their journey.

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