S&C for Olympians: the technical approach of the English institute of sport


Raph Brandon

The session will detail the philosophy and strategy of the EIS’s S&C delivery. Specifically this will discuss the ‘art of coaching’ as well as the scientific rationale, monitoring, assessment and innovation that goes into a successful S&C programme design and implementation. Case studies from Track & Field athletics and other sports will be discussed. Raph has 16 years experience as S&C coach to elite athletes in a variety of team and individual sports. Over the last six years he has specialised in S&C delivery to Great Britain’s Athletics (Track & Field) team, including Olympic medalists. He holds a PhD in the Neuromuscular Response to Elite Strength Training and presents regularly within the UK. As the Head of S&C for the English Institute of Sport, he has overseen a team of over 40 coaches delivering to the majority of Olympic and Paralympic sports. He is responsible for developing the knowledge and quality of the S&C team and service.