Preparing for Rio de Janeiro 2016? When to initiate integrative neuromuscular training to optimise performance and reduce injury in youth


Greg Myer

Off-season and preseason conditioning programmes which include components of plyometrics and movement training, resistance training, core strengthening and dynamic balance training may be combinatory and cumulative in their effects of increasing performance and improving lower-extremity biomechanics. It is also likely that playing without injury enhances an athlete’s productivity across his or her sports season. If comprehensive neuromuscular training programmes are initiated with appropriate timing, young athletes might be prepared to achieve optimal performance levels through the combinatory effects of improved power, strength, speed, core stability, functional biomechanics, and reduced injury risk. Specifically, if integrative neuromuscular training programmes are initiated at the right time during maturation for optimised muscular and motor control development, even greater effects on both performance and injury risk might be achieved.