High intensity training: shaping the puzzle piece


Martin Buchheit

Dr. Martin Buchheit is a Sport Physiologist at the Directorate of Sport Science, ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence in Qatar since 2009, where he provides sport science support mainly to football players and distance runners. Martin has earned a Masters in Research - Exercise Physiology (St Etienne University, France) and Statistics (University of Strasbourg – France), two Masters in strength and conditioning (University of Lyon/Torino/Lausanne – France/Italy/Switzerland and University of Strasbourg – France), and a PhD in Exercise Physiology (University of Strasbourg – France). Since 2010 he has also acted as a member of the Research group for the French Football Federation (Match and training demands analysis and talent identification and development). Martin has worked as strength and conditioning coach for several years in professional and national handball teams and has been the strength and conditioning consultant of several federations and professional teams (soccer, handball, basketball, rugby, AFL) and individual athletes (triathlon, runners, cyclists, swimmers)