Data to decision making: science informing practice in elite swimming


Scott Pollock

World class competitive swim races are often decided by fractions of seconds. This session will offer a behind the scenes look at some of the research, projects and ultimately interventions undertaken by British Swimming to create a competitive edge. The methods used to understand the demands of the sport, quantify change, monitor training load and gain acute race day improvements will be discussed. The preparations of key swimmers competing in Rio will be presented with specific reference to data informing decision making. An aim of this session is to provide practical examples of scientific investigations impacting Olympic performances. BIOG: Scott is currently employed as a senior strength and conditioning coach with the English Institute of Sport, working with British Swimming. Prior to this he was a senior strength and conditioning coach with the Sports Institute of Northern Ireland. He holds a BSc in applied sport science, MSc in strength and conditioning and is currently completing a PhD in neuromuscular fatigue through London South Bank University.