Fit for purpose (when the purpose is an Olympic Games)

Andy Hudson

The GB Hockey programme relies on training durable and tournament durable athletes. The coaching staff require players who can train frequently and at high intensity, so they can in turn deliver consistently throughout a tournament. This talk explores how the physical profiles of two squads, who were relatively inexperienced in 2013, were developed over the 2016 Olympic cycle, and the impact this had on player performance. The talk shares some reflections of a physical development strategy that has allowed coaching decisions to be made through the effective use of monitoring, diagnostics and training systems. BIOG: Andy is the Head of Physical Preparation for GB and England Hockey and has had experience leading a team of practitioners preparing athletes for multiple Olympic Games and international events. Having spent over ten years working for the English Institute of Sport, he has worked with international athletes and groups from a number of sports. Andy was also the UKSCA’s S&C Coach of the Year - Elite Sport in 2015.