Understanding and improving explosive muscle strength


Jonathan Folland

The ability to rapidly develop force, explosive muscle strength, is considered important in a range of functional situations where the time available to develop force is limited. This includes explosive athletic events e.g. sprinting, punching, and stabilisation of the musculoskeletal system to prevent of injurious situations and positions. This session will consider the theory and evidence for the functional importance of explosive muscle strength, before reviewing the determinants and training of explosive strength. The neural and intrinsic contractile determinants will be considered and also the importance of training specificity and the underpinning physiological adaptations to different types of strength training will be reviewed. BIO: Dr Jonathan Folland is a leading researcher in neuromuscular physiology and human performance. Jonathan’s research considers the determinants of and interventions and adaptations that enhance neuromuscular function to inform improvements in sports performance, injury risk and physical training. He has a particular interest in explosive muscle strength and strength training. Jonathan has authored more than 70 peer reviewed research papers in leading physiology, sports science and sports medicine journals. He has been principle (lead) investigator on externally funded research projects worth over £750,000 and co-investigator on projects of over £3.6M for sports organisations, medical charities and industry. In addition he has done consultancy work on fitness, physical training and athletic performance with a wide range of industry and sports organisations. Jonathan is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and the Royal Society of Biology.