Movement mastery: "the art of multi directional speed"


Loren Landow

Mastering the fundamentals of locomotion in all planes of movements, will not only make a more agile athlete, but will reduce the likelihood of non-contact injuries BIO: Coach Landow is the owner of Landow Performance in Centennial, Colorado and is highly sought after for his ability to analyse and correct biomechanics. His goal is to maximise human performance, while decreasing the likelihood of injury. He has been in the performance business for more than 20 years and has trained thousands of athletes of all ages and abilities, including over 500 professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, WNBA and Olympic medallists. Coach Landow served as the Strength and Speed coach during the NFL lockout, these training sessions included over 30 players from the Denver Broncos and 45 players from other NFL teams, his passion is assisting athletes to perform at their peak level on the competition field. In his varied career, he has also developed speed and agility programmes for local high schools for their off-season and summer football programmes and has provided performance and movement support for a variety of football camps. In addition, Coach Landow serves as a consultant for MLB and Women’s National Soccer Team and has been Missy Franklin’s Strength and Conditioning coach since she was 13 years old. He is a published author and has presented nationally and internationally in the performance field, and serves as a consultant for professional and collegiate teams across the country