Return to sport monitoring in elite ski racers


Matt Jordan

ACL injury occurs frequently in alpine ski racing, and monitoring throughout the return-to-sport process is important following ACL reconstruction. The purpose of this session is to blend the art and science of return-to-sport monitoring for ACL-reconstructed skiers. The presentation will provide an overview of testing methods employed at the Canadian Sport Institute-Calgary, recent data on the neuromuscular function of ACL-reconstructed elite skiers, case study examples following athletes before and after ACL injury, and considerations for programming BIOG: Matt started his career as a strength and conditioning coach working with Canada’s national long track speed skating team and the Canadian women’s national hockey team in preparation for the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, and has since worked with more than 30 Olympic and World Championship medallists from several summer and winter sports. Through his work as lead of sport science/sport medicine for Alpine Canada, technical lead in S&C at the Canadian Sport Institute and a lecturer at the University of Calgary. Scientific publications and presentations of Matt’s research at international conferences have focussed on neuromuscular assessment for ACL injury/re-injury prevention. Matt has an undergraduate degree in kinesiology and an MSc in exercise and neuromuscular physiology.