Using velocity measure to improve resistance training programming & coaching


Dan Baker

This presentation will detail methods of measuring velocity during resistance training, the applicability of either Peak or Average/Mean velocity to different categories of exercise and normative velocity scores for different % 1RM in key strength and power training exercises. The relationship between different set/rep/effort combinations and velocity loss across a set with regards to markers of fatigue and subsequent recovery will be also be presented. From this normative velocity and a knowledge of velocity/fatigue data, many applied examples of how using velocity measures can improve programming or coaching will be detailed. BIO: Dan Baker is President of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, where he is in charge of course content for their Level 0 to 3 accreditation courses. He has a PhD in Sport and Exercise Science from Edith Cowan University (ECU) and lectures in the Masters of Strength & Conditioning programmes at ECU and at St. Marys’ University College in London. He has more than 40 peer-reviewed publications, principally on strength and power adaptations. Dan worked as a strength & conditioning coach for the Brisbane Broncos RLFC for 19 years. Prior to this he also worked with Olympic athletes in diving as well as national league athletes in soccer, netball, hockey, track & field, powerlifting and rugby union (including the Wallabies).